About Nakayama Sekizai Kohboh (stone workshop)

Nakayama Sekizai Kohboh is a stone mill producing workshop using “Aji Stone” well known in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. All of the products are made by a craftsman, Tadahiko Nakayama. In addition to the stone mills, he specializes in processing stone material in round shape such as stone lanterns and gravestones.

Specialty Millstones

The typical product of Nakayama Sekizai Kohboh is the “millstone,” one of the traditional Japanese instruments.

Coffee Mill

You can grind coffee beans and black beans, etc.

Mill for Dust Tea

You can grind tealeaves and dried medical herbs, etc. Its setting is different from the one with the specification for coffee beans. Both of their appearances are the same.

Mill for Dust Tea

You can grind tealeaves and dried medical herbs, etc. The handle part is made from smoked bamboo. When being not in use, you may have it as a part of interior decoration.

Mill for Dust Tea

This is the smallest mill to grind tealeaves.

How to Use the Millstone

Grinding coffee beans with the coffee mill


Insert the handle into the hole and gently strike it into it with the rubber hammer.


Put 5 or 6 beans into it. Rotate it counterclockwise and gently. Put 5 or 6 beans into it on every rotation, and continuously turn it around. When it becomes full of power in the mill, powder will begin to come out from the joint. Depending on the speed of rotation and the amount of beans, its fineness of powder changes. Please grind them as you like.


Take the powder off from the slit with the brush. Take out the powder coming from the tray with the brush.

Grinding tealeaves with the tea mill


Place tealeaves on the mill, drop them little by little into the hole in the center while turning it around. If you put too many leaves in it, they will get stuck in the hole.


Slowly rotate it, put tealeaves little by little, and fine powder will come out. If you rotate it fast, rough powder will come out. Coffee tastes good even if coffee is ground roughly, but tea tastes better with fine powder.


Take the powder out of it and move it to the container. That’s it.

Wash the stone mill


Before washing it, gently hit its handle from the side alternately and take it off.


Rinse it with water (or hot water).
* The permeated oil cannot be wiped out.


After cleansing it, dry the stone mill naturally.

For more information about where to buy a millstone

Please click here to purchase a carefully made millstone of Nakayama Sekizai Kohboh.